September 5, 2023

U-M CDHW Member quoted in New Times article on Long COVID

U-M CDHW Member Patricia Anderson was quoted in a September 3, 2023 New York Times article regarding her experience with Long Covid. 

Many people have likely heard of Long Covid, but understanding what it's like living with the condition is another matter:

Ask Patricia Anderson how she is doing, and you probably will not get a routine answer. “Today, I’m working and I’m fine,” she said on a recent Tuesday. “Saturday and Sunday, I was bedridden. Long Covid is a roller coaster.”

The New York Times article titled "Long Covid Poses Special Challenges for Seniors" explores the experiences of a few different individuals living with Long Covid, the symptoms associated with the condition, and information about past and current research efforts to better understand it. 

Click here to read the full article on the NY Times website.