June 6, 2024

New IDEAL Research Brief: What Makes a Healthy Neighborhood?

Researchers included data from over 15,000 people with disabilities.

view of a neighborhood

People with disabilities are more likely to lead lifestyles that puts them at increased risk for cardiometabolic disease. It’s much easier to lead a healthy lifestyle when your home and your neighborhood are made for healthy living, so analyzing differences in the way neighborhoods are built is important. Unfortunately, not a lot of researchers have looked at whether neighborhoods are built to help people aging with physical disabilities.

Download the brief "What Makes the Neighborhood Healthier for People Aging with Physical Disabilities?" (PDF)




For more information:

Khan, A. M., Lin, P., Kamdar, N., Mahmoudi, E., Latham-Mintus, K., Kobayashi, L., & Clarke, P. (2024). Location Matters: The Role of the Neighborhood Environment for Incident Cardiometabolic Disease in Adults Aging With Physical Disability. American journal of health promotion : AJHP38(5), 633–640. https://doi.org/10.1177/08901171241228017