Clinical Care

Patient in wheelchair with doctor

As part of our mission statement, the University of Michigan Center for Disability Health and Wellness (U-M CDHW) strives to develop and apply innovation clinical strategies to address inequities in healthcare access, quality, and outcomes experienced by individuals with physical, sensory and developmental disabilities across the lifespan.   

  • Accessibility and Disability Accommodations - The U-M CDHW is focused addressing healthcare disparities and enhancing the access to quality healthcare for people with disabilities across the life span.  At this time, we do not have a direct role in providing oversight in the systems that provide resources or supports to patients and insuring their accessibility to outpatients with disabilities.  Please visit our Accessibility and Disability Accommodations page for more information about the supports that do exist and the departments and offices that can provide you with support.   
  • Outpatient Medical Clinics - U-M CDHW members work to foster innovative, multidisciplinary clinical care and best practices that also address the psychosocial needs of those with disabilities. Please visit our outpatient medical clinic page for more information.