Investigating Disability factors and promoting Environmental Access for Healthy Living Rehabilitation Research and Training Center (IDEAL RRTC)



woman pushing wheelchair

The overarching goal of the Investigating Disability factors and promoting Environmental Access for Healthy Living RRTC (IDEAL RRTC) is to promote the healthy aging of adults with long-term physical impairments and disabilities. This will be achieved by identifying factors at the intersection of the person and environment that impede or support positive health and function outcomes and creating solutions that improve the fit between the two.


  1. identify how different person-level characteristics interact with environmental characteristics to influence healthy aging for people with physical disabilities using national, longitudinal databases;
  2. identify best practices for promoting healthy aging with physical disabilities across individuals from diverse socioeconomic communities; and
  3. develop a suite of informed interventions that promote healthy aging at the intersection of person and environment. Anticipated outcomes include a better understanding of the person-environment fit so that persons with physical disabilities, their families, and care providers can optimize healthy aging. The expected products are interventions that will serve as the basis for the Center’s training, technical assistance, and dissemination activities, including:  1. best-practices alerts for medical information systems; 2. tailored information about best practices and community programs; 3. on-demand environmental audits; and 4. policy briefs.



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