Participate in a Disability Health Study

Are you interested in participating in research to advance the health and healthcare for people with disabilities? Explore the studies covering various research topics below for more information: 

IDEAL RRTC Qualitative Community Inquiry 

man sitting in wheelchair 

Do you have a physical disability? Do you live in the City of Flint or Metro Detroit? Are you healthy and active? 

We need you to share your expertise to help others succeed! We are actively recruiting for expert advice regarding living a healthy and active life with a long-term physical disability. You will receive a gift card for 2-3 hours of your time.

Interested?  Call our research office (734) 615-6720 or email and mention you are interested in the focus group. Be sure to include your phone number.

Visit our focus group page to find out more information.



Man leaning over in wheelchair

Socio-Environmental Factors Associate with Healthy Aging after Spinal Cord Injury

Do you live with a spinal cord injury (SCI)?

Adults who have spinal cord injuries may face different aging challenges than those adults without SCI. The purpose of this research study is to understand how living environments and surrounding neighborhoods affect the health of people aging with SCI in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin.

If you are over the age of 45 and have been living with a traumatic spinal cord injury for over five years, you may be eligible to participate in this study. If eligible, you will be asked to participate in a 60 minute telephone interview. Research participants will be compensated $25 for their time.

Please call the research team at (734)763-6189 or email All messages and emails are confidential. Let us know you preferred phone number and the best time to reach you.

Please visit our Healthy Aging SCI Study page or view the brochure for more information.