Center Faculty

Philippa Clarke

Dr. Clarke received her Ph.D. in Public Health from the University of Toronto in 2000. Her research interests are in social epidemiology, social gerontology, life course perspectives, models of disability, and population health. Her research examines the role of the built and social environment for disability, cognitive function, and social participation.

Lisa M. Meeks, PhD

Dr. Meeks is an expert in disabilities in medical education. As an administrative leader and researcher, she is helping to inform policy and best practice in the area of disability inclusion for medical education, training and practice. Her research interests include: Improving access to medical education for learners with disabilities, medical student and resident well-being, reducing health care disparities in patients with disabilities, and the performance and trajectory of learners and physicians with disabilities.

Elham Mahmoudi, PhD, MBA, MS

Dr. Mahmoudi is an Associate Professor of Health Economics. She has more than 70 peer-reviewed publications and has extensive experience using a variety of large secondary data sources, including nationally representative survey data, public and private administrative claims data, and electronic health records, to conduct research. She is also trained in quantitative analysis and econometric methodologies.