Becoming a Partner and Collaborator in the Center for Disability Health and Wellness

There are many reasons to consider becoming a collaborator with the U-M CDHW. In addition of joining a vast network of Disability researchers, clinicians, and advocates, you will be able to:

  • Build community with local and national organizations
  • Network with researchers, clinicians, and advocates
  • Benefit from partnerships, developing relationships with community and national agencies
  • Gain access to a sustained structure and ongoing outlets for dissemination and knowledge translation activities, including social media, website, webinars, presentations, etc.
  • Develop and leverage existing resources

If you would like to join us, our monthly meetings are a great opportunity to connect. E-mail for more information.

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Internal Direct Partnerships
Internal Connections
External Direct Partnerships

Internal Direct Partnerships

Internal direct partnerships refer to groups or departments that are or have been formally involved with our research projects.

  • Institute for Social Research / School of Public Health
  • Ophthalmology
  • Family Medicine 
  • Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
  • College of Pharmacy

Internal Connections

Internal connections refer to groups or departments that we have worked with but are not formally involved with one of our research projects. 

External Direct Partnerships

External direct partnerships refer to groups, departments, universities etc. that are either on our grants, part of our advisory groups, or are part of the community grant program. Some of our community grantees have gone on to become research advisors on various projects. 

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