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Detroit Disability Power (DDP) builds and leverages the power of disability communities in Detroit, Metro Detroit, and Michigan. We work at the individual, interpersonal, institutional, and cultural levels to dismantle ableism, helping people unlearn, then relearn how to understand disability and disabled people's place in the world. To that end, we organize people with disabilities and our allies on issues that impact us on a daily basis, like accessible affordable housing, accessible voting, transportation, health care, and government services. We also work in coalition to bring disability perspectives and priorities to otherwise issue-focused social justice movements locally. We offer spaces for people with disabilities to connect, reflect, and share our realities and our dreams with each other. We facilitate anti-ableism workshops for nonprofits, government agencies, businesses, and educational institutions. We offer a fee-for-service consulting program, providing technical assistance to organizations that want support for deeper institutional change to dismantle ableism, and we provide a support system and resources for community members with disabilities.



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Recent Events

In 2021, DDP is hosted five virtual Community Conversations about the intersection of ableism, racism, and ageism. In 2022, three additional conversations were held. Check out the Community Conversation Series here.