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TIKTOC, or the Technology Increasing Knowledge; Technology Optimizing Choice, was a collaboration of clinicians and researchers. This interdisciplinary group is currently conducting research that will inform the development of innovative technology. The advancement of this technology will focus on health and independence for teenagers and young adults with physical, cognitive, and neurodevelopmental disabilities. The Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center (RERC) was designed to bring areas of expertise together. We will engage individuals with disabilities through all phases of the projects. 


TIKTOC’s mission was to focus on collecting data and information that will enable the development of useable and accessible technology. The technology will be developed with the main objective of supporting and enhancing health self-management skills and independence based on individual healthcare needs. The goal of these projects will focus on developing and implementing technology to optimize and support the self-management of personal healthcare and independence of individuals with physical, cognitive, and neurodevelopmental disabilities.

The overarching aim of the TIKTOC RERC was to develop and evaluate innovative Rehabilitation Strategies, Techniques and Interventions that can be incorporated into healthcare practice and the lives of individuals with disabilities in order to enhance health, participation, and employment outcomes.

Specifically, our Center focused on optimizing decision-making and behaviors associated with health and independence among adolescents and young adults with physical, cognitive and neurodevelopmental disabilities.

Rather than promoting a diagnostic-based approach, our coordinated set of research, development, training and knowledge translation projects are guided by the World Health Organization’s International Classification Function model. In this way, technology and interventions are designed to address impairment related issues through approaches that target modifiable environmental and personal factors.

TIKTOC’s projects include 2 research projects and 4 development projects that were selected from, and informed by, a wealth of other studies and programs occurring at the University of Michigan.

Research Projects


Development Projects


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