January 10, 2023

Medical Students for Disability Health and Advocacy (MSDHA) Hosting U-M CDHW Member Tameka Citchen-Spruce

This hybrid event will take place at the Taubman Health Sciences Library and online on Zoom

The Medical Students for Disability Health and Advocacy (MSDHA) was established by the University of Michigan medical students in February 2021. Recognizing a lack of dialogue about disability health and underrepresentation of students with disabilities and chronic illnesses in medicine, the group connects like-minded classmates who are passionate about promoting disability health initiatives, educating the medical school community about disability health topics, and strengthening our voices as medical students with disabilities & chronic illnesses and our allies.

The group is hosting U-M CDHW member Tameka Citchen-Spruce, who will be presenting "Seeing the Whole Patient - Race and Disability Approach." Ms. Citchen-Spruce has a strong passion for disability advocacy and media. She was the 2021 ARC Detroit Advocate of the Year Awardee, 2022 NACCD's Betty Williams Equal Opportunity Awardee, and 2022 Disability 30 List nominee. 

More information is available on our events page.