February 20, 2020

IDEAL RRTC Webinar Recording: Aging with Cerebral Palsy: Health Outcomes and Management

Watch the recording of the webinar with panelists Mark D. Peterson, PhD, MS, FACSM and Heidi Haapala, MD

The IDEAL RRTC held a webinar with co-sponsors The Arc and Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR) that brought together clinicians and researchers to discuss aging with cerebral palsy. 

Adults with Cerebral Palsy experience high rates of secondary conditions and negative health outcomes. The February 20, 2020 webinar reviewed recent research about the types of conditions they are at increased risk for and provide practical steps that patients, their advocates and their healthcare providers can take to manage health and optimize the aging process. Panelists included IDEAL RRTC faculty member Mark Peterson, Ph.D. and Heidi Haapala, M.D., clinical assistant professor in the department of physical medicine & rehabilitation. Watch the webinar live recording and/or download the following supplemental information files:

Recorded February 20, 2020, with panelists Mark D. Peterson, PhD, MS, FACSM and Heidi Haapala, MD