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The intersection of disability and healthcare disparities: a conceptual framework

U-M CDHW members Drs. Michelle Meade and Elham Mahmoudi, along with U-M School of Public Health's Dr. Shoou-Yih Lee, co-authored a paper published in Disability and Rehabilitation, an international multidisciplinary journal. 
Their work show how existing models that analyze healthcare disparities can be integrated to conceptualize health and healthcare disparities for individuals with disabilities. 

The paper in brief:

  • Evaluates the main models of healthcare disparity and disability to create an integrated framework.
  • Provides a comprehensive conceptual model of healthcare disparity that specifically targets issues related to individuals with disabilities.
  • Conceptualizes how personal and environmental factors interact to produce disparities in access to healthcare and healthcare quality.
  • Recognizes and targets modifiable factors to reduce disparities between and within individuals with disabilities.

Citation: Meade, M. A., Mahmoudi, E., & Lee, S. Y. (2015). The intersection of disability and healthcare disparities: a conceptual framework. Disability and rehabilitation37(7), 632–641.

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