R1: Executive Functioning & Self-Management

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Principal Investigator: Seth Warschausky, Ph.D.

Co-Investigators: Edward Hurvitz, M.D.; Jacqueline Kaufman, Ph.D.

Coordinator: Mrs. Donna Omichinski


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In creating assistive technologies that develop and support independent health management behaviors, it is critical that the cognitive loads of these technologies are tailored to the capabilities of the individual end-users.

For example, technology with significant speed or working memory demands may be inaccessible to many people with neurocognitive impairments even if the content is relevant and comprehensible.

This study identified key cognitive and behavioral variables that would allow self-management technology to be carefully tailored to the individual needs of people with executive dysfunction and specifically for individuals with congenital neurocognitive impairments.


Health Self-Management Education Materials

Health Self-Management Infographic 

Transition Planning Infographic

Persisting in the Face of Challenge Motivation, Skills & Transition Health Self-Management: Publication in the Exceptional Parent Magazine Annual Health Care Issue, August 2018


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