R2: SCI Hard Mobile Gaming


Recruitment: Closed

Principal Investigator: Dr. Michelle A. Meade

SCI-Hard puts you, the player, in the chair of someone with a Spinal Cord Injury. Introducing you to new challenges and obstacles all while trying to save the world from legions of mutated animals. Join the fight and kick a** while sitting down!


This study evaluated the efficacy of a serious game, SCI Hard, enhancing self-management skills, self-reported health behaviors, and quality of life among teens and young adults with spinal cord injury and disease (SCI/D).

For this study, participants completed 3 surveys and played through 1 of 2 assigned mobile games. The study took about 7 hours of time over 3 months.


This study is now closed, however the SCI Hard app is available for download on the Apple iTunes store and Google Play. Use Code 1704.  


For help with the game, see the Game Help & Information page 

For all other inquiries, send an email to UM-PMR-CTHI@med.umich.edu

image from youtube video


If you are a caregiver or provider and would like to find out more about the game and would like to play, please click here



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