D4: Medication Management

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Principal Investigator: Dr. Karen B. Farris

Co-Investigator: Dr. Steve Erickson, Dr. Larry An, Dr. Satinder Baveja, & Dr. John Piette, 

Coordinator: Mrs. Donna Omichinski

Post-Doctoral Fellow: Dr. Teresa Salgado

Consistent with the general goal of promoting the least restrictive lifestyle possible, medication self-management for people living with neurodevelopmental conditions (NDCs) is an important goal. Self-administration of medications is a viable option for many people with NDCs, while others require assistance ranging from reminders and guided-administration to complete dependence upon caregivers for medication administration.

The capacity of young adults with NDCs to manage their medication and effective ways to improve medication self-management are poorly understood and few interventions have been developed or tested.

Because of increasing resource constraints, social and healthcare systems need to develop interactive technologies that can be used to efficiently and effectively assist people with NDCs with medication management.

The long-term goal of this project is to develop evidence-based strategies for people with executive dysfunction and physical disabilities that can be used to improve self-care strategies, including medication management, medication adherence, and side effect assessment.

The objective in this project is to develop an interactive program to support medication management among young adults with NDCs.



Co-Investigator Steve Erickson was recognized in October 2015 by the University of MichiganCouncil for Disability Concernsfor his efforts in advocating for individuals with disabilities in the field of pharmacy.