D1: Digital Activity Assessment

Recruitment: Closed

Principal Investigator: Charles Merbitz, Ph.D.

Co-Director: Nancy Hanson Merbitz, Ph.D.

Industry Collaborator: XIG, Inc



female hand holding an iphone with this project's app on the screen

The Activity Importance Measure (AIM) is an existing questionnaire used by clinicians to track changes in activities by individuals having activity restrictions. In this project, it was modified into an internet-based tool that allowed clients to report activity data continuously on mobile platforms (e.g., tablets, smart phones), displays trends over time to clients, and provides continuous access to the data for them and their clinician.

This new tool, the AIM-Digital (AIM-D), further developed (and tested) a system for adolescents and young adults with disabilities to use in partnership with health care providers.

It was intended to enhance empowerment and social participation (as discussed by the ICF) through definition, measurement, and achievement of the client’s personal activity goals, as well as underlying health maintenance and support activities, in a cost-effective, efficient, and effective way.